Withdrew Terms

1. If you have entered wrong Paytm account details, then you can enter your Paytm account details once again. However, if your Paytm account is not KYC certified or you have provided wrong Paytm account on the second try, you will not be eligible to deposit your reward.

2. After the friend you invited has registered Sociihub, Earn up to $0.10 - $1.00 for each user your refer to us.

3. Please provide us your correct Bank details, Paytm and Paypal account information. Sociihub is not responsible for any withdrawal failures due to the incorrect information you provided to us.

4. Cash rewards will be sent within 30 business days. If you have not received your cash within 30 business days, please contact us within the following 15 days otherwise your reward request will not be accepted.

6. The cash which have not been withdrawn in the event will become invalid after the end of the event.

7. Users who participated in this event are considered as having accepted the relevant agreements and regulations of Sociihub. If you have been found with any violation of the Sociihub usage agreement and the terms of the behavior, abnormal account behaviors, or adjusting withdrawal quota through illegal methods by exploiting system BUG, and etc, Sociihub and the related companies have the right to reject any cash withdrawal request associated with your account.

8. By withdrawing cash, you have ensured the authenticity of your information and allowed Sociihub to collect your related information. Your information will be only used for sending/receiving prizes on Sociihub.

9. Every user can only withdraw with one single email id and mobile phone number. Your withdrawal information must be identical with your verification information on your mobile phone.