Although the word romantic can mean a lot of things to different people, for the purposes of this romantic gifts article, I’m taking the stance that romance means a flirty sense of attraction, a somewhat innocent display of affection, a shared intimacy between two people who either have something more, or are wanting to move in that direction. These romantic gifts for men are appropriate for dating couples new to each other, or for those who want to amorously attract their male partner. If you’d like to seduce your partner, try these Sexy Gift Ideas For Him, instead.

Romantic Gift Idea – ECard

Sending a romantic eCard to your male partner will remind him that he’s in your thoughts, and if you write a lovely note inside, it can also prime him for whatever wonderful things to come. Try using one of these cards as a precursor to a date or reminder of an anniversary, or just to thank him for being supportive and loving.

Romantic Gift Idea – Tickets

Buying tickets online means that you’ll get fast (sometimes immediate) delivery, plus you can search out whatever function your guy would love easily. If he’s into sports, grab him some to an upcoming game in the area. Loves a certain band? See if they are playing nearby soon. Basically, if you need to pay admittance to an event, you’ll probably be able to find it listed, here. And if you can’t quite decide between a concert or special event, you can always choose the gift card option, and let the recipient decide for themselves what they’d like.

Romantic Gift Idea – Spinner Ring

Depending on your guy’s tastes, you could get him a ring with dragons, hearts, skulls or crosses on it over at Hot Topic, all for a very reasonable $10 price tag. So why is this a romantic gift? Because when you give a man a ring – even if its a piece of jewelry not intended to devote oneself to another – he’ll still be wearing it often, and each time he spins or looks at it, he’ll invariably think of you.

Romantic Gift Idea – Brave Soldier Ultimate Shaving Kit

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of facial hair on a man, but there is still something to be said for a baby smooth shave. Brave Soldier is a five-piece kit that guarantees the “smoothest shave possible”, with a bevy of conditioning and cooling ingredients intended to moisturize and reduce irritation on even the most sensitive of skin. So how this is gift for men romantic? Although it may not be something you can enjoy doing together, it will surely benefit the both of you after its use.

Romantic Gift Idea – Steel Chocolate Box

For the gent who appreciates chocolate, this trendy chocolate box filled with ten handmade French chocolates is a treat sure to tempt the tastebuds and openly display your affection. Other options from zChocolat include a mahogany box with je t’aime embossed on the outside, or heart-shaped truffles with an appropriate romantic saying, such as, “Your love gives me wings,” or, “My love for you grows richer with every passing day.”

Romantic Gift Idea – Hammock

By giving your boyfriend or significant other a hammock, you are saying to him you’d like for him to relax – because he deserves it. Make sure to get one big enough for the both of you though, so you can enjoy it together for years to come.

Romantic Gift Idea – Discovery Channel DVD

I realize this may seem like an odd addition to a romantic gift list for men, but bear with me for a second. First off, there is few things more romantic than cuddling up with your sweetie and watching something that you love together, especially if you’ve been dating a while or have kids. Then, there’s the “how did you know?” element; few men will say they want to own their favorite show on DVD, but I’ll bet they’ll be quite thrilled at your thoughtfulness upon receipt.